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by Michael J. Losacco

RuneCraft is the first book in a trilogy of high fantasy novels that explores deep, metaphysical themes. The story revolves around Peter Uriel, who, after making his transition, is sent to another world to save them from utter ruination. Here they have waited a thousand years for the Destroyer, some in anticipation of being brought to light, others in fear of being enveloped by darkness. Riding the Winds of the Eternal Realms, Death must grant leave in its Demesne, The Horned Ones respond with Reverence, As he Masters the Art Arcane; Marked by the Encircled Pentagram, Existing amongst the Crescent Moons, He will Raise the Forgotten Palace, As he Masters the Power of the Runes; The Heights, the Depths, the Lands Faerie, All come to Pass in These Scrolls, Darkness Waxes against the Waning Sky, As he Masters the Knowledge of the Soul. But can Uriel master his chosen Path, traversing the chasm between white and black magic?

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RuneCraft – 420 pages, (ePub – 821K, PDF – 2116K) (ePub, PDF & MOBI)

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