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by Mark Paul Jacobs

Humans have evolved to their present form in a few million years. And they have risen to prominence in just a few thousand; a mere speck in earths unfathomable timeline. Are we the first to gaze into the heavens contemplating our fate? Here, I present a short tale pondering the shortcomings of sentience. Once upon a time, sixty-five million two hundred and forty-two thousand years ago…

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    i Like science fiction very much,because i strongly Believe our Rebirth is also in other planets(Aliens),other Galaxies;in that planets,Aliens Lifespan is 1,000years,or 10,000years,or 10,000years;in that planets,Aliens Live without polution,(they use solar energy,not use petrol,desil Like ours);God ceates,notonly our Dirty planet,he also created good worlds,for who people did good things,in their past Life; if God is not here,then all planets,stars(suns),Asteroids,Galaxies are collapsed(crushed by Accident);

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