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Raspberry Pi Technology

Raspberry Pi Technology

Although many single board computers (SBC) exist, the Raspberry Pi Foundation made a huge impact with their range of SBCs, in part due to the availability and low-cost. The Raspberry Pi currently supports a variety of Operating Systems including BSD, Debian, Risc OS, Windows, and many Linux variants. Although originally designed for the educational sector, the Raspberry Pi is used in a variety of projects ranging from Engineering research to Art exhibitions. In this book, we try to capture a cross section of these projects and research applications to show how the Raspberry Pi has enabled people to experiment in new ways.

This Special Issue includes a wide selection of publications that demonstrates both the breadth and depth of the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi. Almost all publications cite low cost of hardware, ease of availability and the advantages of a substantial community as the reasons for basing their work on the Raspberry Pi. We aim to represent a variety of use cases and area disciplines that utilise the Raspberry Pi but it is by no means exhaustive.

Raspberry Pi Technology

by Simon J. Cox and Steven J. Johnston (PDF) – 306 pages, 81.5MB

Raspberry Pi Technology by Simon J. Cox and Steven J. Johnston

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