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Project Cyclops

Project Cyclops

Project Cyclops

Project Cyclops
by Thomas Hoover

The Aegean, ex-agent Michael Vance pilots the Odyssey II, a handmade replica. A Russian gunship with Arab terrorists takes a tiny island where a U.S. corporation has a laser space facility. The renegades convert the launch vehicle into a ballistic missile that can deliver their stolen nuclear warhead to any city in the U.S. Can Vance stop them?

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  1. Avatar

    This story is moving along quite well and keeps the readers interest peaked.
    I am very dissapointed in the amount of spelling mistakes and the proof reader should go back to school to learn to spell and use correct grammar.
    The auther has much to learn with his use of a “Bowline Knot”. It is used for tying a semi permanent loop in a line, not for hitching a radio to a mast.
    Also the arming lever on an uzi machine pistol has a knurled finish not a knarled finish.
    Other than these disappointments this is becomming quite a fun read.

  2. Avatar

    Added to andugau01 comment.
    By the look of my comment I need to go back to school and learn to spell as well.
    Auther should be “Author”, Becomming should be “Becoming”

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