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Programming React Native

Programming React Native

Programming React Native is a book that aims to teach you cross platform mobile app development for both iOS and Anrdoid with the help of Facebook’s revolutional React Native framework.

We’ll also try to do the impossible and build a book that will still be valuable to you for a long time, even when new libraries come out and turn the whole Javascript world upside down.

In other words, we want to teach you how to fish, rather than give you the fish.

To put it in bullets, we will:

  • Build an app that uses both Native and React Native capabilities
  • Learn the differences between iOS and Android
  • Learn about Flux and Immutable.js in the context of mobile apps
  • Optimize and build a strategy for pragmatic, real-world, code sharing
  • Learn when to use which platform-specific component
  • Understand how React Native works
  • Put good app architecture foundations down, so that even if React Native changes in the future (which is natural), information here will still be useful

Programming React Native

by Dotan Nahum (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) – 9 chapters

Programming React Native by Dotan Nahum

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