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The act of questioning led me into Neuroscience and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy where I found answers that forever changed everything. I understood that God exists and that his existence is made manifest in the inherent possibility in man. It is however unfortunate that man has believed otherwise, as society and ‘status-quo’ has replaced possibility with what appears to be rational thinking but is doubt in its original form.

In these pages, I shared some of my finds in my little journey into human psychology and simply ignored elements that makes us powerful and possible. My aim is that in the end you may find yourself, and deploy yourself to possibilities.

What Professionals are saying

This is one of the most simplified books I have read on this subject. Easy to read but delivers to cause a massive shift in behavior. He captured it in a way that will encourage the readers to reach for the change they desire. – Dr Tylor Tayo Lori

Magnificently written. Easy to read and yet the simplicity does not take away from it the depth contained within the pages. He drew from his personal experiences to capture life and living. – Kris Oziofu Ero


by Francis Arihilam (PDF) – 44 pages

Possibility by Francis Arihilam