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Poppycock Place

Poppycock Place

Poppycock Place

Poppycock Place
by Biolo Dingli

NASA’s succesful failure. After spending billions developing 7 Bio-Teks (half-human, half-robots) with super intelligence and free will, to pilot a Deep Space mission, the money ran out and no space ship was built. NASA sent the unemployed bots out into the community to get a job and gain experience. They banded together and became shopkeepers in 5 adjacent shops in Poppycock Place.Human tenants lived above the shops and 5 of the bots (2 were intelligent pet robots) were really well liked but the other 2 adults were turning nasty.One day Botzi (the former space ship commander) received a ‘treasure’ map and the good bots set off on a wild balloon trip to South America…

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