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21 Valuable Books That Are Both Rare and Expensive

It’s intriguing to observe how antique books and first editions are valued; it’s similar to the art world in that it’s not always obvious why something carries a certain worth. To that purpose, I’ve gathered some of the more expensive examples for you to peruse. The following examples are in random order and cover first editions, which were signed the authors and even very exclusive special editions, redesigned, repackaged and re-printed.

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156 of the Most Expensive Books and Manuscripts In The World – Over 13 Centuries

This is a collection of printed books, manuscripts, letters, music scores, comic books, maps, and other documents that have sold for over $1 million in the United States. From a 7th-century Quran leaf palimpsest and an early 8th-century St Cuthbert Gospel to a 21st-century holograph manuscript of J. K. Rowling’s The Tales of Beedle the Bard, the books span generations.

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35 of the Most Favorited Obscure Books of All Time

In no specific order, please do find 35 of the most favorited obscure books of all time for your reference. Do take note that this is not our typical “free ebook” compilation post, but more of a “What to Read” kind of post. However, a link will be provided should the book is freely and legally available. Feel free to scout ahead and digest the information accordingly. Happy reading!

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Too Late

If you are into dark books and the emotional crap that bring tears to your eyes, you are in for a treat. It is dark, intriguing & emotional story.

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A Poetry Ebook

Poetry is an ancient craft; it puts the arts of rhymes and rhythms, ideology and philosophy, story telling and imagination into one.

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