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Python for Everybody – Exploring Data Using Python 3

The goal of this book is to provide an Informatics-oriented introduction to programming. The primary difference between a computer science approach and the Informatics approach taken in this book is a greater focus on using Python to solve data analysis problems common in the world of Informatics.

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Algorithms for Clustering Data

This book will be useful for those in the scientific community who gather data and seek tools for analyzing and interpreting data. It will be a valuable reference for scientists in a variety of disciplines and can serve as a textbook for a graduate course in exploratory data analysis as well as a supplemental text in courses on research methodology, pattern recognition, image processing, and re-mote sensing.

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Simply Scheme: Introducing Computer Science

In computer science, beginning courses are trapped in an approach that was already ten years out of date by the time it was canonized in the mid 80s. This book points the way out of the trap. It emphasizes programming as a way to express ideas, rather than just a way to get computers to perform tasks.

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