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Over a million torrents of downloadable ebooks, music and movies –

Over a million torrents of downloadable ebooks, music and movies –

More than a million books are available now via BitTorrent.

The Internet Archive ( has now open up its library of collections via torrents (direct downloads are available as well). These are all legal titles with wide variety of formats. Help to support this project by seeding any of the titles you’ve downloaded from the site.

Archive Torrent Books

1.2 million books and counting…

Archive Torrent Books

A treasure box which a lot of readers might have known but we’re sure some of the readers here would benefit from this enormous library nonetheless. The interface of this collection is very contextual, listing titles with their respective covers on the right side of the listing. Downloading any of them is pretty straight forward – browse or search for the titles you’re looking for, click and download the ebook format of your choice. Popular formats include online (HTML), PDF, EPUB, Kindle, Daisy, Full Text (TXT) and DjVu. Not all titles are available for download via torrent as of today but we’re sure it’ll move into the right direction soon enough.

On the individual page of any particular title, you’ll find typical set of information such as the author, description and reviews from readers. Don’t let the reviews and rating influence your decision though. If the title catches your eye, download it and have a read – if you like it, happy reading! 🙂

You may find a majority of the titles are classics, so don’t expect to find any latest books from today’s top authors. However, indie authors who wish to gain a better exposure of their writing through their free titles, this site perhaps is another great avenue to publish / share your work. Uploading your own materials is easy – Register yourself an account and start uploading your ebooks. Hope that your title get spotlighted and placed at the top left of the site, as you’ll get enormous amount of downloads.


Searching and keeping up to date…

Now, if you’re like us, getting over excited everytime after news like this, we find that browsing through over a million titles could be an extremely daunting task. We’re greedy, yes we’re – but for a good purpose! A search box at the top would help you greatly if you have any titles in mind or at a keyword or two would assist greatly in narrowing down your search. The page numbers and sorting option at the right side of the page would give you lots of other shortlisting capabilities.

You may sort by relevance, average rating, download count, date or date added. Refining searches by collection, creator and file formats are also available. A lot of other options are provided, so feel free to play around those features and get the title you want.

And if you’re more comfortable using your current tools to keep yourself updated, they have RSS feeds which you can subscrine and get notified immediately whenever there are new titles available. This is an excellent alternative to equip yourself with the latest list of ebooks without visiting the site.


Not everything is perfect…

The content is great and at over a million, you’d never go wrong with great diversity of information. However do take note that there’s a lot of spam and irrelevant postings within this site. So don’t be surprised to come across lots of commercial or advertisements after you’ve clicked on an ebook title. Rest assured, we believe there is a meticulous team behind who will filter these content out. At the rate of ebooks being added as well, you may notice that not every one of them has an updated ebook cover, so expect a lot of “Picture coming soon”.

And as mentioned previously, there are also movies and music to be downloaded from this site, so go crazy!


Let’s get to the download link already!

The following links would lead you to numerous part of the sites.

Archive Torrent Books – 1.2 million items.
Archive Torrent Movies – 9.6k items.
Archive Torrent Music and Audio – 127k items.