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Out of His Mind

Out of His Mind

Out of His Mind by Garth Erickson

Out of His Mind

by Garth Erickson

My space is spherical and vaguely translucent. The light is soft and warm; like sunlight through the window on a cold day.

With the exception of the basic shape, these parameters can, if I so choose, be changed. Suffice to say that within my space there are an infinite number of possible activities; restricted only to my own imagination and by my ability to learn new skills.

And it is the learning that takes time [a resource of which I seem to have a lot of], given that there are no instruction manuals for that which you do not know that you do not know. I remember the moment I opened my eyes to my new berth, remember my immediate relief at the absence of pain; for pain was the only memory I carried with me.

This euphoria lasted for I don’t know how long; at least until I learned how to retrieve the memories of my past; and perhaps some time beyond that. My past with all the months of clinical pain and sleep riddled horror; family faces etched with concern, anger and later unspeakable acceptance of the inevitable.

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