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Off The Rebound

Off The Rebound

Off the Rebound is a sex memoir in the form of a short story ebook by J.D. Nero. This book took priority over a book that J.D. has been working on for the past year. While in the midst of writing his debut book he went through a few events that he felt were entertaining enough to put his debut book on the shelf for a moment. Although J.D. is on the final stretch of his book ‘The Coding of a Bachelor’, he felt the that this should be shared with the world. Off the Rebound is a short story about some recent events that J.D. endured. Off the Rebound is a free ebook.

After weeks of confusion and uncertainty a sticky situation between two lovers ends. That same weekend a new situation begins. Jay is on the rebound and catches what basically lands in his lap. Jay is intrigued by the new lady and her approach. A new journey begins with a woman who is determined to have Jay in her clutches before the week is out.

Off The Rebound

by J.D. Nero (PDF) – 39 pages

Off The Rebound by J.D. Nero

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