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by Timothy A. Boling

Meet Nick Stone. The highlight of Nick’s day had always been smoking Jane, drinking beer, and causing trouble. Usually all at the same time. But that all changed when Dad woke up with a dead stripper in his bed. This story promises to offend you, insult you and entertain you, all at the same time. In Odd-Jobs, the author holds blatant contempt for literary merit, and the result comes off a little like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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Odd-Jobs – 46 pages, 244KB (PDF)

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  1. K Good

    Trust me to read them all bassackward, lol This, in my opinion was brilliant so I must be just as sick and twisted as you Tim:-D

  2. Stoned Reader

    This book was f**king amazing. I read it all in one night and kind of just stumbled upon it. I’m looking up more books by this author(:

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