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Oblivion’s Children

Oblivion’s Children

Oblivion’s Children by Jim Wegryn and Roland James

Oblivion’s Children

by Jim Wegryn and Roland James

It’s the late 21st century and two great events collide – the introduction of the first truly thinking humanoid robot, and the apparent end of human fertility.

Oblivion’s Children follows one family through the decades when humanoid robots become abundant while the human population declines. The story follows the socialization of Murl, the first such robot, and the bigotry encountered by his kind. This is a saga of the sins and whims of humans set starkly against the logic and obedience of the race they created.

There is more. Robots are merely machines… until they reveal that spark called free will. Yet, that gift of mind may be only an elaborate imitation-a product of programming.

But there is a way they can show their soul. If they were asked to help save humankind, could they?

If so, would they?

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Oblivion’s Children – 12 Chapters (Webserial, HTML)

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