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Nutrition and Recovery 101

Nutrition and Recovery 101

If our body were a car, good nutrition would be the equivalent high octane fuel and a good night’s rest would be that of a pit stop. I’m sure all you car fanatics could relate to that. Take away good fuel and you end up with a messed up engine in a few years. Take away pit stops and you’re eventually going to see smoke rising out of your car bonnet. Bottom line is, it’s essential.

I don’t mean to play the devil, but I’m afraid I have to break it to you. Spending two hours at the gym is no excuse for binging on a pack of cookies for dinner. ‘But it’s okay to eat junk if you do an hour of cardio, right?’ No! Who ever said that? Let me get this straight. Training does have its place, but without the right nutrition and rest, you are not getting anywhere. Now, I am not telling you to eat like a patient for the rest of your life. What I’m going to throw light upon via this eBook is the importance of adequate rest and proper nutrition as a part of your fitness lifestyle.

Nutrition and Recovery 101

by Shaumik Saha (PDF) – 16 pages

Nutrition and Recovery 101 by Shaumik Saha

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