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Nothing But Animals

Nothing But Animals

Nothing But Animals

by Grant King

Gabriel Mariabella Hogg is the beautiful daughter of mean spirited North Yorkshire battery hen farmer, Austin Hogg. Her best mate is a fox hunter. Stands to reason the last person she would marry would be an outspoken animal sympathiser from Down under. Worse, a city adman named Bailey Harland with no concept of country life, let alone the harsh realities of North Yorkshire. More, a lad with some animal activism ‘dirt’ that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Austin Hogg’s devious wife, Mariabella; a women determined to get all she can from her dying husband’s bloody dynasty. Particularly now that dynasty is under sudden and strangely coincidental terrorist attack. But why would Bailey Harland sabotage his own future?

Nothing but Animals is a black comedy about the hypocrisy of people and the ‘animal’ in us all.

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Nothing But Animals – 57 Chapters (eSerial / Webnovel – HTML)

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