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NoiseTrade helps authors and publishers build their email lists by giving away eBooks & audiobooks in exchange for email addresses and postal codes.

Perhaps a typical free ebook site at first glance, but packs a great deal of wonderful features for both authors and readers, once ventured into. Although the benefits might be leaning more towards the authors, readers get to discover, download or read new titles for free. The mechanism behind this is pretty straightforward – an author uploads his or her ebook(s), which will be made available for discovery / download. To download, you need to provide your email address, country and postcode – after which this has been fulfilled, a download link will be sent to the given email address. Alternatively, you will be presented with an option to tip and download instead. Great window to reward the authors’ contributions and aiding in a possible meetup between both author and reader.

Check it out!

Click on the link below to visit this website:- – PDF (download link will be emailed), requires email, country & postcode.