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Newtons Sleep

Newtons Sleep

Newtons Sleep
by Daniel O’Mahony

A richly written novel of strange events in 17th century England. First published in trade paperback by Random Static in 2008, and now available as a free e-book.

“Newtons Sleep is one of those Jackpot! moments, combining wonderfully-written historical fiction with a dash of time-travel and interdimensional war. The characters are sharp, varied and entirely believable; the historical detail is accurately and intelligently presented… this is a fantastic book, and comes very highly recommended.” – Sandstorm Reviews

“a well-crafted, very entertaining (though at times confusing) time-travel adventure… O’Mahony handles the intricate plot lines very well, writing with a detailed realism about the historical eras of his characters” – Curled Up With A Good Book

“Madly interesting – if unexpectedly demanding… A find.” – Death Ray Magazine

“Fantastically excellent on bazillions of levels” – Chronic Hysteresis

Click on the link below to download this free ebook:-
Newtons Sleep (PDF)

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