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New Liberal Arts

New Liberal Arts

Guide to Common Houseplants that are Toxic to Our Pets

New Liberal Arts
by various authors, setup by

It’s 2009. A generation of digital natives is careening towards college. The economy is rebooting itself weekly. We have new responsibilities now – as employees, citizens, and friends – and we have new capabilities, too. The new liberal arts equip us for a world like this. But… what are they?

Here’s what you’ll find inside this Snarkmarket/Revelator Press co-production:

  1. Attention Economics by Andrew Fitzgerald
  2. Brevity by Gavin Craig
  3. Coding and Decoding by Diana Kimball
  4. Creativity by Aaron McLeran
  5. Finding by Dan Levine
  6. Food by Gavin Craig, Theresa Mlinarcik
  7. Genderfuck by Laura Portwood-Stacer
  8. Home Economics by Jennifer Rensenbrink
  9. Inaccuracy by Alex Litel
  10. Iteration by Robin Sloan
  11. Journalism by Timothy Carmody, Matt Thompson
  12. Mapping by Jimmy Stamp
  13. Marketing by Matt Thompson
  14. Micropolitics by Matt Thompson
  15. Myth and Magic by Tiara Shafiq
  16. Negotiation by Matt Penniman
  17. Photography by Timothy Carmody
  18. Play by Matt Thompson
  19. Reality Engineering Rex Sorgatz
  20. Translation Rachel Leow
  21. Video Literacy Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg

Click on the link below to start downloading this free ebook:-
New Liberal Arts – 47 pages, 6.0Mb (PDF)