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by Daniel Quiles Pagan

Transported to a Silicate dimension he never knew existed, Nick thought it was just a dream. Before long, he was on a journey to save two worlds. His guide, a dizzy blue sphere named WhizzyWig, takes him deep inside a Walled City filled with Bytes, Beserks and Phish Pirates. On his way to Join with Tera, Queen of the Silicates, he encounters a host of strange places, unlike anything on his home world of Karbonon.Dark forces are at work to make sure the Joining between Karbons and Silicates never takes place. NazKlan and Hacker are determined to stop Nick and WhizzyWig at all costs.Deploying nefarious viruses and ravenous worms to thwart them, danger lurks around every corner. It’s a race against time as the fates of NetherWorld and Karbonon hang in the balance.

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NetherWorld – 259 pages, 1.234 MB (PDF)

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