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Napoleon:A Life From Beginning To End

Napoleon:A Life From Beginning To End

This book is for anyone that enjoys crucial turning points in history. Napoleon was an unremarkable man who managed to change the entire landscape of the world 200 years ago. He has been hailed as a military genius and his victories are still studied by international armed forces to this day. Through military exploit and the Napoleonic code, he was a man who came out of nowhere and changed the world.

When Napoleon returned from his Egyptian campaign, France was once again in political turmoil. Despite the chaos, the soldier class in Paris remained fiercely loyal to Napoleon; when it was suggested that he lead a coup d’état against the Directory that governed France, the military pledged its full support. However, when Napoleon stood up before Council of Ancients (as the French political body was known as) to request status as a consulate in place of the Directory, he nearly lost his nerve.

Napoleon:A Life From Beginning To End

by Hourly History (Online reading only) – 9 pages

Napoleon:A Life From Beginning To End by Hourly History

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