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Name Your PC Day – 19 Free PC Ebooks

Name Your PC Day – 19 Free PC Ebooks

I didn’t learn there was a Name Your PC Day until the night before. Today, 20th of November is “Name Your PC Day”. Does your PC have a personality? Do you spend more time with your PC than you do with your friends or loved ones? If you haven’t named your PC yet, today is the day. I call my PC “Loki” as it gives more problems than actually being useful. What’s yours?

In this compilation, you’ll find 19 free ebooks in regards to your PC or computers. It covers from basic PC architecture, PC assembly, security, operating systems, up to improving your computer’s performance. All comes in various formats for your reading pleasure.

Enjoy your Name Your PC Day!

Click on the ebook’s cover to read / download the free ebook.

This will bring you to an external site where you can proceed to download or read the free ebook.

  1. PC Architecture by Michael Karbo – Online reading only
  2. The PowerPC Compiler Writer’s Guide by Steve Hoxey, Faraydon Karim, Bill Hay, Hank Warren – PDF – 264 pages
  3. Build Your Own PC – An Illustrated Step by Step Guide to Building a Computer by Morris Rosenthal – Online reading only – 10 Chapters
  4. PC Security Handbook – 2nd Edition by Rich Robinson – PDF – 36 pages
  5. The PC Tech’s Tune Up Manual by TekTime IT Consulting LLC – PDF
  6. Parallel Computing Works by Geoffrey C. Fox, Roy D. Williams, Paul C. Messina – Online reading only
  7. How Computers Work: Processor and Main Memory by Roger Young – Online reading, PDF, DOC
  8. Computer Organization and Design Fundamentals by David Tarnoff – Online reading – 17 chapters
  9. Implementing a One Address CPU in Logisim by Charles W. Kann – TXT
  10. Computer Systems by Daniel Taipala – All formats
  11. The Elements of Computing Systems by Noam Nisan, Shimon Schocken – PDF, PPT
  12. USB in a NutShell by Craig Peacock – Online reading
  13. How To Assemble A Desktop PC by – Online reading, PDF
  14. Buyer’s Guide For Building a Computer by – Online reading only
  15. High Performance Computing by Charles Severance, Kevin Dowd – Online reading, PDF, EPUB, ZIP
  16. Capability-Based Computer Systems by Henry M. Levy – Online reading – 10 chapters
  17. Circuit Design Using Personal Computers by Thomas R. Cuthbert – PDF
  18. Understanding Computers, Smartphones and the Internet by Ernie Dainow – All formats
  19. An Introduction to Windows Operating System by Einar Krogh – PDF

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