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My Darklyng

My Darklyng

My Darklyng

by Laura Moser and Lauren Mechling

My Darklyng is about a normal 10th grade girl named Natalie Pollock whose own fiction addiction (her drug of choice: Fiona St. Claire’s vampire novels) gets her into major trouble. She’s been reading Fiona St. Claire’s ‘Dark Shadows’ book series since middle school and when she sees a post on Fiona’s blog about an open casting call for the model for the next book’s cover, she can’t resist. What she had thought was just a random field trip turns into a dark and terrible new-best-friendship, scarier and more thrilling than any of Fiona St. Claire’s vampire novels. Two real teenagers to play the characters: Erin Schrode as James, the vampire cover model, and Hannah Grossman as Natalie.

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My Darklyng – 33 Chapters (eSerial / Webnovel – HTML)

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