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Mountains of Dawn

Mountains of Dawn

Mountains of Dawn by Irene Gargantini/Rene Natan

Mountains of Dawn

by Irene Gargantini/Rene Natan

Mountains of Dawn’s subdued theme is isolation and the struggle one has sometimes to face to be part of the living-both physically and metaphorically. The case is made by Tanya Caldwell, an orphan who, from the age of six to the age of eighteen, has been shipped like a parcel from one foster home to another. The lack of roots and the feeling of abandon sit deeply in Tanya’s heart. When her best friend is killed in a car explosion that she suspects was meant for her, Tanya’s life takes a drastic turn. Tanya the artist packs her painting tools, leaves her hometown and finds refuge on the Italian Riviera in the hope to be safe. Her pursuers, however, alerted and made greedy by her sudden and recent inheritance, manage to find her whereabouts and plan her demise. They are part of a conspiracy-the very same conspiracy that, twenty years before, wiped out her entire family.

Full-of-life Tanya falls in love with her neighbor, Kevin Matwin, and, against the advice of the people in charge of her safety, puts total trust in the man.

Betrayed by the people close to her, Tanya is in serious trouble. She is, however, also a resourceful young woman-and lucky too. Even in the mist of perilous traveling, fire and murder attempts, she has time to poke into her parents past-and finds a half-brother ready to fend for her.

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