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Mother in Law Day – 24 Free Marriage Ebooks

Mother in Law Day – 24 Free Marriage Ebooks

October 23rd is “Mother In Law” day.

National Mother-in-Law Day is observed annually on the fourth Sunday in October. This day, modeled after Mother’s Day, was first observed on March 5, 1934, in Amarillo Texas, where it was initiated by the editor of the local Amarillo newspaper.

Mother-in-Law Day offers everyone a special opportunity to show their love and appreciation for their mothers-in-law, the person responsible for raising your spouse. So celebrate the fact that your mother-in-law is a loving and kind woman who raised a wonderful life partner for you, or just celebrate the fact that she lives in a different city Just kidding!

Well we don’t there are free ebooks on “mother in laws” so we decided the best topic to dive into on this auspicious day is marriage. So here we go, slightly over 20 free ebooks on marriage for your reading pleasure. Have a good time with the family and happy reading!

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  1. Love Everyday by Corey – PDF – 16 pages
  2. 3 Free Infidelity Ebooks by C Mellie Smith – PDF – 3 Free Ebooks
  3. Marriage Gems: 10 Secrets for Marital Success by Lori Lowe – PDF – 15 pages
  4. Baby’s First Patterns: A Book for Newborns and Infants by Keith Chapman – PDF – 27 pages
  5. Preparing for Marriage: Help for Christian Couples by John Piper – PDF, EPUB, MOBI
  6. Marriage and Marital Problems by Ian Alger – PDF
  7. 69 Ways To Keep Your Man And Make Him Happy by Anthony – PDF – 23 pages
  8. Marriage and Divorce Laws of the World by Hyacinthe Ringrose – All formats
  9. How to be Happy Though Married: Being a Handbook to Marriage by E. J. Hardy – All formats
  10. Private Sex Advice to Women: For Young Wives and those who Expect to be Married by R. B. Armitage, M. D. – All formats
  11. The Ladies Book of Useful Information by Anonymous – All formats
  12. Marriage by Ilyan Kei Lavanway – All formats
  13. Aims and Aids for Girls and Young Women by George Sumner Weaver – All formats
  14. The Etiquette of Engagement and Marriage by G.R.M. Devereux – All formats
  15. Comedy of Marriage and Other Tales by Guy de Maupassant – All formats
  16. The Good Housekeeping Marriage Book: Twelve Steps to a Happy Marriage by Various Authors – All formats
  17. Happiness and Marriage by Elizabeth (Jones) Towne – All formats
  18. Marriage Hacks by Tyler Ward – PDF, EPUB, MOBI
  19. The Ten Pleasures of Marriage by A. Marsh – All formats
  20. Victorian Short Stories: Stories of Successful Marriages by Various authors – All formats
  21. Love Letters by Eberhard Arnold – PDF
  22. Sex, God, and Marriage by Johann Christoph Arnold – PDF

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