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Skye’s Secret Mission

Skye’s Secret Mission

Skye's Secret Mission by Lucy Daniel Raby

Skye’s Secret Mission

by Lucy Daniel Raby

An exciting prequel to the sci fi fantasy adventure ‘Goddess in Pyjamas’, set on a faraway planet on the other side of the universe, where creatures like mermaids and winged humans are real! When Skye discovers an evil Chagrinian plot to assassinate their spiritual leader’s current re-incarnation on Earth, he decides to carry out a daring rescue mission through space and time. ‘the minute he woke up, Skye knew something was wrong with today, or at least, that something was going to be wrong with today, at some point – This is how it all began.

Ventura is winner of ‘Most Beautiful Planet in the Universe’ award several centuries running. It has three moons, a huge sun that never stops shining and a population of strange hybrid species from earth’s ancient mythology. Here things like mermaids, many armed people and winged humans are real! Time moves faster, landscapes shift, and evolution has happened very differently from planet earth. Ventura is a perfect world of peace and harmony, where all the tribes live happily together, but that’s all about to change!

That morning Skye wakes up to find that an urgent dawn meeting of all the Tribal Leaders has been called by Queen Andromeda, ruler of the Northern Hemisphere of Nimrovia. The Chagrinians – the evil reptilian race who were banished to the shores of the underground ocean after assassinating Ventura’s spiritual leader, Sunev – have risen again from the deep and conquered the Southern Hemisphere of Vardin. Panic breaks out at the announcement that they are planning to invade and conquer Nimrovia too! The Chags are coming and they are going to take over this world! Skye, a Monrovian boy whose parents are close advisors to the Queen, is warned by his Uncle Tilmo, a Monrovian who converted himself into a Merman – that Sunev’s life is in danger again. He was re-incarnated as a human on earth and is now aged about 13, (in earth years that is).

Skye is told by his parents that Sunev can’t be brought back before the end of his natural lifespan and is ordered to stay out of it, he is only a child. But Skye knows that the future of his planet is in peril. Plucking up his courage and disobeying authority, he borrows his mother’s interplanetary spacepod and sets off on a daring rescue mission to Earth. He intends to save Sunev from annihilation by the Chags, and bring their Supreme Being in current human form back to Ventura to save their world! He has a big surprise when he gets there – Sunev is not what he expected at all.

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