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Monster At The End Of This Book

Monster At The End Of This Book

The Monster at the End of This Book: Starring Lovable, Furry Old Grover is a children’s picture book based on the television series Sesame Street and starring Grover. Grover is horrified to learn that there is a monster at the end of the book. He immediately begs the reader not to finish the book, so as to avoid meeting this dreadful scary monster.

Growing increasingly fearful as the reader continues to turn pages and frustrated that they do not seem to realize the terrible danger, Grover resorts to constructing a series of ever-more-elaborate obstacles, such as tying pages together, nailing the page to the next one and finally even laying a brick wall to keep the reader from advancing further. But nothing works (primarily because from the reader’s POV these are simple illustrations, not actual difficulties).

Monster At The End Of This Book

by Michael J Smollin (Online reading only (Ongoing project)) – 12 pages

Monster At The End Of This Book by Michael J Smollin

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My name is John Eye and I’m obssessed with ebooks, loves to procrastinate, a bookworm and one that loves to share with the world what free ebooks have to offer.

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