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Monkey Travels

Monkey Travels

‘The best children’s book I have ever read’ – Dr. R. Laibow, 35 Years New York child psychologist. This eventful entertaining book inspires and nurtures social and emotional truths, well suited for today’s modern society for the healthy development of young minds in their formative years. The newly encouraged young reader obtains the foundation and learning skills to identify with these progressive social values, such as, goal-oriented actions, personal purpose, mission, responsibility, self-esteem and mindfulness, in their daily life. Assisting to create a well-balanced, vibrant and joyful child.

Monkey Travels

by Paul Banks (Online Interactive Ebook) – 27 pages

Monkey Travels by Paul Banks

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  1. Paul Fernhout

    Delightful free ebook well suited for a positive outlook, my kids loved it…

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