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Mastering Retention – Product Analytics Playbook Vol.1

Mastering Retention – Product Analytics Playbook Vol.1

Retention is critical for every product, whether you’re at a Fortune 500 or a 5-person startup. Until now, most available resources only list tactics and ‘growth hacks,’ offering little guidance on developing a comprehensive retention strategy. The Product Analytics Playbook: Mastering Retention fills that gap; it’s the culmination of years of working with the industry’s top product teams and retention experts.

Download the book to get 155 pages (and 7 worksheets) teaching you:

  • How to build retention into your product (if you’re looking for tactics around emails and push notifications, this is not the book for you)
  • A comprehensive approach to retention across all stages of the user lifecycle, not just new users
  • How to leverage your user behavior data to identify opportunities to improve your product

Mastering Retention - Product Analytics Playbook Vol.1

by Amplitude (PDF) – 8 chapters, 158 pages

Click here to download this free ebook

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