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Magic Mandalas: Coloring Pages

Magic Mandalas: Coloring Pages

Feel the healing power of Magic Mandalas through mandala coloring pictures. Download anti-stress coloring book for adults and enjoy the magical effects of relaxing mandala coloring pages!

Adult coloring books are extremely popular, and with time the popularity of detailed coloring pages will just grow. Some of the most wanted anti-stress coloring pages are mandala drawings to color.

It is believed that when you create, color or look at a mandala, you are silently programming the mind to relax and take on the essence of completion. Those mystical circles, as they are loosely translated from Sanskrit, are proven to have various effects on people who use them. When you color mandalas inside relaxing coloring pages for adults, have in mind that some colors have different effects:-

  • Yellow: heals pride and turns it into oneness, compassion and abundance
  • Red: turns fear into confidence, freedom and power
  • Green: heals jealousy and turns it into love and understanding
  • Blue: heals anger and turns it into self-reflection, self-expression and intuitive perception

The use of Magic Mandalas: Coloring Book for adults varies. Pick a coloring page that suits you best and give it a shot. You will be surprised to see how helpful this mandala coloring book can indeed be.

Magic Mandalas: Coloring Pages

by Peaksel (PDF) – 24 pages

Magic Mandalas: Coloring Pages by Peaksel