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Lucy’s In Lockdown

Lucy’s In Lockdown

Lucy is like many other children in the world right now: in quarantine with her family. Her hair is blue, but this time she knows why. This FREE eBook is designed to help children realise they’re not alone in the current conditions with Covid-19, to help them understand it’s temporary and to help them express how they’re feeling. It’s important to ensure that all children know it’s “okay, sometimes, to have a blue day.” This is a very nicely illustrated 6-page ebook for kids that invites participation from any members of the family.

“Thank goodness for tech”, she thinks to herself. A video chat is good for her health! Her phone rings, and she sees Maxi Bear’s face; He knows what t osay; the same in this case. “It’s fine to feel these feelings. I do too. It’s important to know, it’s not just you; The world is going through this together. Remember that it won’t last forever.”

Lucy's In Lockdown

by Chris Duke and illustrated by Federica Bartolini – PDF

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