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Lockpick Pornography

Lockpick Pornography

‘The Complete Lockpick Pornography is an engaging, occasionally moving, and consistently well-written item-both for fans already familiar with Comeau’s A Softer World comics and those encountering him for the first time.’ – Colin Brush, Broken Pencil

‘A smart, hip, highly readable author’ – Alex Good, Toronto Star

‘Lockpick Pornography isn’t the first book that features queer characters, nor the first book to be angry or challenging. Yet Lockpick does feel new. There’s a balance between love and violence, accusation and compassion, that tugs at the heartstrings and keeps the book in your thoughts. It’s easy to see the characters’ flaws-it’s their virtues which come out more slowly. That makes it all the more rewarding when you finish the book, and realize that everyone was worthy of your empathy and interest.’ – Michelle Grifka, The Airspace

‘The best parts of Toronto-based writer Joey Comeau’s stories in The Complete Lockpick Pornography are his surprising yet compassionate endings.’ – The Coast

‘Queers of all stripes will enjoy this grimy, affectionate, endlessly questioning paean to unclassifiability and defiance.’ – Publisher’s Weekly

‘In a lot of ways I see Lockpick as a sister text to Nelly Arcan’s amazing Exit.’ – August C. Bourre,


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Lockpick Pornography

by Joey Comeau
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