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Take a Book, Return a Book – The Worldwide Movement

The “Take a Book, Return a Book” is not exactly a new thing. It has been tried, tested and implemented practically all over the world with great success to encourage reading. Sprouting like mushrooms everywhere, LittleFreeLibrary took the initiative to mark and compile each and every libraries in the USA.

Although not being updated anymore due to change of feature by Google Maps, old locations of these libraries still can be accessed from this site, meticulously pinned for easy reference. To overcome this non-working feature, all listings have been recompiled to a nicely formatted PDF file, downloadable from their site for free. Get this list and locate the nearest little library and participate. Happy reading!

Click on the links below to download the list of Little Free Libraries or visit the website for the location map:-
Click here to download the latest up-to-date location of existing libraries (177 pages – PDF) or Click here to view their map.

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