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Life As a Ghost

Life As a Ghost

Life As a Ghost
by Frank Siegrist

A young man who believes in nothing dies in a stupid accident and comes back as a kind of ghost. From then on he lives through the lives of other people, learns a lot about them and ultimately about himself. It leads him to tentatively formulate an idea of the “purpose” of life. The novel consists of detective-story-like action intertwined with philosophical musings.

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    u tiredbo u din read the story fully….
    it is awersome one man…

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    ya you’re right cygnet!! tiredbo is wrong…
    the story is awesome but the watchmen story din fineshed well but this story is super…

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    This story is packed full with fast-paced action, but it often just seems to be an excuse for philosophical musings and analysing the motives of the characters… There’s a bounty-killer in the Wild West who is full of complexes in spite of easily shooting all the bad guys, there’s a nightwatchman who is dead-bored with his mind-numbing job, who seems to be unable to care about anything except his vintage Ford Mustang, and who ends up becoming a reluctant hero, and finally there’s a private school teacher having issues with his unruly teenage-pupils…
    This is not the usual kind of horror-story, although there is definitely some horror in it too, especially when we accompany the nightwatchman on his rounds through the morgue where he makes a surprising discovery that will change his life!

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    Please note you can buy a paperback version of this book on Amazon!

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