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Level Zero – Free Construct 2 Book

Level Zero – Free Construct 2 Book

This recently published book ‘Level 0’ is a resource designed for the absolute beginner. You’ll learn how to set up characters and backgrounds, apply in-game mechanics and implement if – then functions and end up with five fully functional mini-games. The book will also show you how to publish your games to app stores and make them available to millions of potential customers around the world.

The goal of Level 0 is to give aspiring game developers the basic building blocks to apply their creativity and bring their vision to life. For example, one of the mini-games you’ll learn to build is a simple sound board app where you click on an image and the corresponding sound will play.

Through this exercise, not only do you pick up the skills to build a virtual keyboard or maybe an educational app that teaches kids the sounds farm animals make but also learn how to use sound, music and touch functions that can be used for subsequent arcade and action games. Each of the 5 mini-games covered in the book has already been used by thousands of Construct 2 users to build their first game on Construct 2.

This book uses Construct 2 in all the featured tutorials. According to the authors, ‘Construct 2 is as easy as it gets for making a game’. Spot on!

Level Zero - Free Construct 2 Book

by Ankur Prasad & Allen Wu (PDF) – 206 pages, 80.4MB

Level Zero - Free Construct 2 Book by Ankur Prasad & Allen Wu