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Learning To Launch: Stop Failing. Start Launching

Learning To Launch: Stop Failing. Start Launching

Before we start we want to clarify exactly what this book is, and who it’s for. This book isn’t for everyone.

This book IS for those who want to get better at taking an idea from concept to launch. Those who have never launched but desperately want to do so, or used to be in the habit of launching but have gone rusty and need to get their launch game back on.

This book is NOT for those who already know how to build and launch. This is not a book about marketing, growth tactics or becoming the next billion-dollar unicorn. This book will not tell you which programming language to use, which platform to build on top of, or how to increase your conversion rate.

Our belief is that focus is key. We know from our own experience, years of working on side projects and failing to ship anything at all, that trying to do everything at once is a sure fire recipe for failure.

It’s our belief that those who are already successful in business, who the tech press write about, and who write these sort of books wait too long to do so. By waiting, they forget what it was really like to have never shipped a project.

So why so should you listen to us? We haven’t made it yet, we’re still on the same journey you’re on. We spent years failing to launch, so after another failed project eighteen months ago, we decided to make a change.

In the past year we’ve shipped seven projects whilst working full-time jobs and learnt a tonne along the way.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and spoil the action. Want to know more? Read on…


  • Intro
  • Chapter 1: Our backstory
  • Section 1: Why, who and what
  • Chapter 2: It starts with why
  • Chapter 3: Team up or go solo?
  • Chapter 4: Choosing an idea
  • Section 2: Preparing for the journey
  • Chapter 5: These things take time
  • Chapter 6: Surround yourself
  • Chapter 7: Start small
  • Section 3: The rubber hits the road
  • Chapter 8: The Plan
  • Chapter 9: So you’ve started’
  • Chapter 10: Launch
  • Acknowledgements

Learning To Launch: Stop Failing. Start Launching

by Fred Rivett & Mike Gatward (PDF, Online reading) – 62 pages, 10 chapters

Learning To Launch: Stop Failing. Start Launching by Fred Rivett & Mike Gatward