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62 Learning Resources About Vehicle Security and Car Hacking

62 Learning Resources About Vehicle Security and Car Hacking
Security breaches in the automotive sector have been increasingly difficult to prevent due to increasingly sophisticated attack methods. The risks are constantly evolving, impacting the security of the vehicles’ control systems. Teach yourself how to avoid the cars you drive every day from becoming fodder for cybercriminals. More than 100-million cars on the road will be vulnerable to cyber attacks more than ten years from now. Car technology will continue to advance with automatic braking, blind-spot warnings, night vision, self-parking, phones built into dashboards, and more.

Car hacking has become a mainstream topic over the last few years with popular TV shows documenting the subject. This list will serve as a beginner’s and veteran’s guide to car hacking. It discusses how car hacking works, what you need to get started, the prerequisites and the basics, including articles, presentations, books, research papers, courses and podcasts. Learn what you can do to make sure your vehicle is secure.

Car Hacker’s Handbook

  1. 2014 Car Hacker’s Handbook
    Free guide to hacking vehicles from 2014.


  1. How to hack a car — a quick crash-course
    Car enthusiast Kenny Kuchera illustrates just enough information to get you up and running. An excellent resource for first timers!
  2. Stopping a Jeep Cherokee on the Highway Remotely
    Chris Valasek’s and Charlie Miller’s pivotal research on hacking into Jeep’s presented at DEFCON in 2015.
  3. Troy Hunt on Controlling Nissans
    Troy Hunt goes into controlling Nissan vehicles.
  4. Tesla hackers explain how they did it at Defcon
    Overview of DEFCON 23 presentation on hacking into Tesla cars.
  5. Anatomy of the Rolljam Wireless Car Hack
    Overview of the RollJam rolling code exploitation device.
  6. IOActive’s Tools and Data
    Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller release some of their tools and data for hacking into vehicles in an effort to get more people into vehicle security research.
  7. Developments in Car Hacking
    via the SANS Reading Room, Currie’s paper analyses the risks and perils of smart vehicle technology.
  8. Car Hacking on the Cheap
    A whitepaper from Chris Valasek and IOActive on hacking your car when you don’t have a lot of resources at your disposal.
  9. Car Hacking: The definitive source
    Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek publish all tools, data, research notes, and papers for everyone for free
  10. Car Hacking on the cheap
    Craig Smith wrote a brief article on working with Metasploit’s HWBrige using ELM327 Bluetooth dongle
  11. Researchers tackle autonomous vehicle security
    Texas A&M researchers develop intelligence system prototype.
  12. How big data will impact car security in the proximate future: Concerns and solutions
    Impact of big data on car security.
  13. Reverse engineering of the Nitro OBD2
    Reverse engineering of CAN diagnostic tools.
  14. Analysis of an old Subaru Impreza – Subaru Select Monitor v1 (SSM1)
    Digging into an old ECU through an old protocol and disabling a 1997 Subaru Impreza’s speed limiter.
  15. Car Hacking in 30 Minutes or Less
    Using VirtualBox and Kali Linux, you can start car hacking using completely free open-source software and tools, including can-utils, ICSim, ScanTool, Wireshark, and tcpdump


  1. Drive It Like You Hacked It from DEFCON 23
    A talk and slides from Samy Kamkar’s DEFCON 23/2015 talk that includes hacking garages, exploiting automotive mobile apps, and breaking rolling codes to unlock any vehicle with low cost tools.
  2. Samy Kamkar on Hacking Vehicles with OnStar
    Samy Kamkar, the prolific hacker behind the Samy worm on MySpace, explores hacking into vehicles with OnStar systems.
  3. Remote Exploitation of an Unaltered Passenger Vehicle
    DEFCON 23 talk Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller give their now famous talk on hacking into a Jeep remotely and stopping it dead in its tracks.
  4. Adventures in Automotive Networks and Control Units
    DEFCON 21 talk by Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller on automotive networks.
  5. Can You Trust Autonomous Vehicles?
    DEFCON 24 talk by Jianhao Liu, Chen Yan, Wenyuan Xu
  6. Ken Munro & Dave Lodge – Hacking the Mitsubishi Outlander & IOT
    talk from BSides Manchester 2016 by Ken and Dave of Gateway Internals of Tesla Motors
    Zeronights 2016 talk by Nie Seng and Liu Ling
  7. Car Hacking 101
    Bugcrowd LevelUp 2017 by Alan Mond
  8. State of Automotive Cyber Safety, 2015
    State of automotive hacking, policy, industry changes, etc. from I Am The Cavalry track at BSides Las Vegas, 2015.
  9. State of Automotive Cyber Safety, 2016
    State of automotive hacking, policy, industry changes, etc. from I Am The Cavalry track at BSides Las Vegas, 2016.
  10. How to Hack a Tesla Model S
    DEF CON 23 talk by Marc Rogers and Kevin Mahaffey on hacking a Tesla. Tesla Co-Founder and CTO, JB Straubel, joins them to thank them and present a challenge coin.
  11. Self-Driving and Connected Cars: Fooling Sensors and Tracking Drivers
    Black Hat talk by Jonathan Petit. Automated and connected vehicles are the next evolution in transportation and will improve safety, traffic efficiency and driving experience. This talk will be divided in two parts: 1) security of autonomous automated vehicles and 2) privacy of connected vehicles. 2015
  12. A Survey of Remote Automotive Attack Surfaces
    Black Hat talk By Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek. Automotive security concerns have gone from the fringe to the mainstream with security researchers showing the susceptibility of the modern vehicle to local and remote attacks. Discussion of vehicle attack surfaces. 2014.
  13. Pentesting vehicles with YACHT (Yet Another Car Hacking Tool)
    A presentation that discusses different attack surfaces of a vehicle, then continues to describe an approach to car hacking along with tools needed to analyse and gather useful information.
  14. How to drift with any car
    Introduction to CAN hacking, and using a real car as an Xbox controller.
  15. Car Infotainment Hacking Methodology and Attack Surface Scenario
    A guide on how to attack, hunt bugs or hack your IVI by Jay Turla which was presented at the Packet Hacking Village / Wall of Sheep during DEF CON 26.
  16. TR19: Automotive Penetration Testing with Scapy
    Overview on how Scapy can be used for automotive penetration testing at Troopers Conference 2019.

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    In this collection of resources, you’ll find 97 high quality articles, stories, tips, tricks, guides and videos on Hackathons catering to beginners, regulars, hackathongoers and hackathon organizers. The majority of the content here are online articles and videos, so very little downloading is required.

Research Papers

  1. Koscher et al. Experimental Security Analysis of a Modern Automobile, 2010
  2. Comprehensive Experimental Analyses of Automotive Attack Surfaces, 2011
  3. Miller and Valasek
    Self proclaimed “car hacking the definitive source”.
  4. Adventures in Automotive Networks and Control Units (aka car hacking)
  5. Car Hacking for Poories
  6. A Survey of Remote Automotive Attack Surfaces, 2014
  7. Remote Compromise of an Unaltered Passenger Vehicle (aka The Jeep Hack), 2015
  8. Advanced CAN Message Injection, 2016
  9. 5-Star Automotive Cyber Safety Framework, 2015
  10. A Vulnerability in Modern Automotive Standards and How We Exploited It
  11. A Car Hacking Experiment: When Connectivity Meets Vulnerability
  12. Security issues and vulnerabilities in connected car systems
  13. Automobile Driver Fingerprinting, 2016
  14. Intrusion detection system based on the analysis of time intervals of CAN messages for in-vehicle network, 2016
  15. Modeling Inter-Signal Arrival Times for Accurate Detection of


  1. Udacity’s Self Driving Car Engineer Course
    The content for Udacity’s self driving car software engineer course.


  1. Keen Security Lab Blog
    Blog created by Keen Security Lab of Tencent that posts research on car security.


  1. OpenGarages
    Provides public access, documentation and tools necessary to understand today’s modern vehicle systems.
  2. DEFCON Car Hacking Village
    Car Hacking exercises from DEFCON 24.
  3. I Am The Cavalry
    Global grassroots (eg. volunteer) initiative focused on the intersection of security and human life/public safety issues, such as cars. Participation from security researchers, OEMs, Tier 1s, and many others. Published Carloop Community
    Community of people interested in car hacking and connecting vehicles to the cloud.
  4. Python Security
    A website for browsing and buying python-integrated cars having certain vehicular security features.


  1. Security Weekly
    Excellent podcast covering all ranges of security, with some episodes focusing portions on vehicle security from cars to drones.
  2. SANS Internet Storm Center
    The ISC run a regular podcast going into the latest vulnerabilities and security news.
  3. Security Ledger
    A podcast focusing on interviewing security experts about topics related to security.


  1. Car Hacking with Craig Smith
    Software Engineering Daily did an amazing episode with Craig Smith, author of the Car Hacking Handbook (above), on hacking into vehicles.
  2. Big Bugs Podcast Episode 1: Auto Bugs – Critical Vulns found in Cars with Jason Haddix
    Jason Haddix explores major vulnerabilities found in cars.
  3. Hacking Under the Hood and Into Your Car
    Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller discuss with NPR how they were able to hack into vehicles.
  4. Hacking Connected Vehicles with Chris Valasek of IOActive
    Chris Valasek talks about hacking into connected vehicles.