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Learn to Brush Paint Model Airplanes

Learn to Brush Paint Model Airplanes

Learn to Brush Paint Model Airplanes
by Andy M

A guide to getting a great model airplane paint job with a brush. Remember that you will spend hours (maybe tens of hours, or in some cases hundreds of hours!) getting your model airplane to the stage where it is ready for painting. You will more than likely invest additional hours in painting several layers before the model is done. One mistake due to lack of preparation or not recognizing a potential problem could leave you frustrated.Why settle for a poor paint job, or risk having to spend more time taking paint off your model…? We’ve already made just about every mistake possible with an paintbrush, so let our experience be your guide!

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Learn to Brush Paint Model Airplanes – 19 pages, 656KB (PDF)

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  1. mike

    this is something I have struggled with for years. Thanks for the tips!

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