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Lady Collendon’s Cook

Lady Collendon’s Cook

Meet Mrs Green – good cook and evil poisoner. When Mrs Green entered domestic service as a cook in the 1920s, she had no idea she was going to end up as a convicted criminal. Anyone who personally knew her was convinced she was innocent. But when a German diplomat dropped down dead after attending a dinner party she’d cooked for, suspicions were raised. The fact that she had a Jewish background counted against her. Had she poisoned him?

It was now a time of political tensions in Europe and the authorities were quick to act. A conniving British politician leads the way. Either prosecute Mrs Green or risk offending the Germans and starting a war! Unfortunately, there were just too many powerful people ranged against her. A miscarriage of justice and a guilty verdict seals her fate.

Somehow, she will have to find a way out of her terrible predicament. But three questions remained: What was the butler up to? Was Mrs Green really as innocent as she claimed to be? And who was the mysterious person she kept writing to?

Lady Collendon's Cook

by Herbert Howard Jones (All formats) – 347 pages, 900KB

Lady Collendon's Cook by Herbert Howard Jones