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Know Thy Enemy

Know Thy Enemy

An artifact from the Baghdad National Museum could justify the coalition invasion of Iraq. But the artifact is among items looted from the Museum just before the invasion.

CIA Analyst, Emma Burrows enlists the help of Captain William Bradford and a small Joint Task Force 2 team to retrieve the artifact. Unknown to them, a mercenary unit led by Luc Fortesque is also after the stolen artifacts intending to sell them on the black market.

Know Thy Enemy is an eBook short that introduces two key characters from the full length thriller novel, The Apocalypse Trigger.

Douglas Misquita is a thriller writer from Mumbai, India. His books have been enthusiastically received by fans of the action-adventure thriller genres.



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Know Thy Enemy

by Douglas Misquita – PDF, EPUB, MOBI (54 pages)

Know Thy Enemy by Douglas Misquita

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