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Kiku In The Corner

Kiku In The Corner

It is a short, light quirky read featuring a sassy character, who also appears in the other book. Kiku is a young chicken (WARNING: Do NOT call her a chick!) is sent on a small errand for her Uncle. But it goes from ‘small’ to ‘complicated’ really fast as she gets entangled with a tree, a jump-rope, very angry chicken-gangsters, those silly plastic hammers that go ‘Squeap!’, the odd nuclear explosion, and a turquoise stone — but not necessarily in that order.

There may also be a rooftop chase, if time permits. Little Kiku won’t take any nonsense from anybody, and has a unique talent for martial arts. Just don’t be the one to tell Uncle Peng everything she did that day!

Kiku In The Corner

by Jon Torres (All formats) – 9,920 words

Kiku In The Corner by Jon Torres

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