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Kick Anxiety’s Ass and 10 Common Thinking Traps

Kick Anxiety’s Ass and 10 Common Thinking Traps

Anxiety doesn’t have to limit you. There are proven techniques and skills that you can use to take your life back from anxiety. Let me help you get a head start with my free quick-start guide. Your brain is a terrible scientist. Instead of analyzing all of the available evidence and making an informed decision about situations in your everyday life, often it instead makes instant gut reactions based on faulty logic. In the field of psychology, we call these cognitive distortions. I like to just think of them as common thinking traps.


Here’s the deal. Anxiety is different for everyone, but there are definitely some consistencies. First off, it sucks. Nobody likes having anxiety. It makes you feel icky and gross, it causes you to worry about what might happen, rather than paying attention to what is happening in the moment, and it causes you to feel guilty for even having anxiety in the first place. Worst of all, anxiety tries to run your life. It tells you what you can and cannot do. It limits and hold you back. Not cool.


These thinking traps definitely are common. We all fall into these traps sometimes. When you struggle with something like anxiety or depression, you probably tend to fall into these traps a lot. In this short e-book, I want to teach you about 10 of the most common thinking traps that I see in my personal and professional life and give you some ideas for fighting back.

Optimism is annoying. Realism > optimism, everyday. I want you to be a better scientist. The feelings that you have about a given situation are purely a prediction or a hypothesis. You need to gather more evidence and be realistic about things to determine whether you gut is giving you the right message. Any good scientist documents their findings, so please feel free to keep track of situations during your daily life that bring about these thinking patterns and then try your best to be realistic and work yourself out of these sticky thinking patterns.

Kick Anxiety's Ass and 10 Common Thinking Traps

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Kick Anxiety's Ass and 10 Common Thinking Traps

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