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Just One Word, LOVE

Just One Word, LOVE

Just One Word, LOVE by Vishvendra Singh Tomar

Just One Word, LOVE

by Vishvendra Singh Tomar

‘Just One Word, LOVE’ ( A story of 13 cigarettes, defining the words ‘LOVE’ & ‘LIFE’). It will be a complete package of Love, Emotions, Suspense, Life, sacrifices, Death, Music, Loneliness, Anger, Cheer, celebration, sports a lot…

This is a fiction full of emotions, trust, ups & downs, pleasure, enjoyment, sentiments, hatred, love, care, achievements, sacrifices, compromises, visions, needs, promises, affection & a lot that comes along with the life of a boy who has everything except ‘LOVE’.

Story depicting the absolute difference between the two words, One is ‘MONEY’ & the second one is ‘LOVE’. ‘LIFE’ is not so straight as it looks, though you are the richest person on this land. Is it possible for us to forgive our own, our own soul ? What if, I want to ‘LIVE’ the ‘LIFE’, as my heart says. What I need is… Let’s see…

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Just One Word, LOVE – 195 pages, 3.4 MB (PDF)

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