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Jonathan’s Roundabout Adventures

Jonathan’s Roundabout Adventures

Jonathan is sitting up in his bed, enchanted by the carousel book, when it finally dawns on him that he is actually onboard a carousel. Seated in his chariot-bed, the carousel begins to move and the young boy is soon taken up in a whirlwind of wonderment. Come along for the ride, and step foot into the Realm of Roundabout-a whirligig of poetry and lyrics, outlandish fun and games, feuds and fusses, and an assortment of friendly, irritable, and extremely odd characters. Meet Sneaky the Tiger, Professor Dog, the Frog, the Rabbit, Hubbub the Wild Boar, the Grinning Monkey, the Lady of Red Roses, and many more. Take part in a bizarre game of badminton, a peculiar court case in the Carnival District, and an intense battle with the Dragon. Even learn how to bake the most delicious Cheese Pie by following the recipe contained in one of Roundabout’s many poems. You’ll have to see it and taste it to believe it!

Jonathan's Roundabout Adventures

by Julius C. Lovell (All formats) – 29,790 words

Jonathan's Roundabout Adventures by Julius C. Lovell