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Jon Hersey – Industrial Spy

Jon Hersey – Industrial Spy

Jon Hersey – Industrial Spy

by Brad Andes / Leo N Ardo

Alone!, is how Jon Hersey feels after the death of his – soul-mate

Jon is a very successful business analyst, whose reputation for quick adaption to changing business environments has saved many deals from disaster. It is this talent, and his shortened Navy Seal training, that has him targeted by Zeta Consulting Group – a secret organization known to only six people …

A chance encounter with a business consultant, might bring about the new spark he has been seeking since Alissa’s death.

Stepping out of the jet-way, Jon sees his new friend Daryl Alexander sitting in the waiting area. Daryl has his phone in his lap and a thin cord dangles from his right ear – ‘the check was good? … Good! … Please stop harassing me about the time, it is going to be fine … Then I’ll have to terminate the – ‘agreement’ … ‘

On a flight with his new friend, Jon finds out things are not always as they appear ‘

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