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Isildur by Brian K. Crawford with Gary D. Crawford


by Brian K. Crawford with Gary D. Crawford

In the beginning was The One, Eru Iluvatar, and he created the Holy Ones, the Ainur. And the Ainur were of two kinds: the great Valar and the lesser Maiar. And the Ainur took the mighty theme of Eru’s thought and they raised their voices together and they sang the world into being. But Melkor, the mightiest of the Valar, thought to increase his own power and glory and introduced his own discords into the Music.

And then Eru made his Children: the Firstborn, or Eldar; and the Followers, or Atani. The Eldar call themselves the Quendi, or Speakers, but the other races call them Elves. They age until they choose to stop and then they live forever unless they are slain, when they Cross through The Curtain and return to whence they came. At any time, they can choose to sail away into the West and follow the Straight Path that leaves the Circles of the World. Then they will be reunited with all their kindred that have already Crossed. In contrast, the Atani, or Men, always grow older until they die, then they go where none but Eru knows. This the Elves are forever denied, and for this reason Death is called the Gift of Man.

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