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Ingeld’s Daughter

Ingeld’s Daughter

Ingeld's Daughter by Carla Nayland

Ingeld’s Daughter

by Carla Nayland

Ingeld’s Daughter is an adventure, a love story, and a stirring tale of rebellion, civil war, the price of justice and the economics of taxation and trade.

Irinya is Ingeld’s daughter, rightful heir to the Lordship of Carlundy. Her cousin Radwulf usurped the lordship after her father’s death, married her by force to legitimise his weaker claim, and has held her effectively a prisoner for twelve years. When Gyrdan, a stranger on unknown business, escapes from interrogation by Radwulf’s guards and takes refuge in her chamber, she conceals him partly out of sympathy and partly out of a desire to thwart Radwulf wherever possible. But, by working together, they find they are able to escape.

Now Irinya is on the run with a stranger she has only just met, whom she dare not trust and whose history and purpose she does not know. She must decide which is the greater danger, Radwulf’s soldiers and allies pursuing her, or Gyrdan at her side. Exiled in a strange land, she is determined to oust Radwulf and reclaim her rightful position as Lady of Carlundy. But to do this she must somehow enlist support from the radically different cultures of prosperous Billand and the fiercely independent clans of the Black Hills, and convince the people of Carlundy to fight for her and for a better life.

Her relationship with Gyrdan develops from suspicion into friendship and slowly blossoms into love. But Gyrdan has a dark secret in his past, and when it catches up with them Irinya finds herself in a terrible trap. Her courage and integrity will be crucial if she is to overthrow Radwulf – but will they also force her to order the death of the man she loves?

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