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(Infographic) 56 Authors That You Wish Had Lived Longer and Works They Could Have Finished

(Infographic) 56 Authors That You Wish Had Lived Longer and Works They Could Have Finished

It’s truly a shame that we lost a large number of extremely talented authors when their works lighted up the literary world with quality fiction and fantasy which still resonates largely among us. Franz Kafka, Edgar Allan Poe, George Orwell and H. P. Lovecraft are just some of the legendary names which lingers through every bookworms’s mind and definitely through the casual readers out there as well. All of lovely souls mentioned above didn’t live past their fifties, and one can only wonder what other works they could have done or completed if they had lived longer…

The idea of this post did not come up out of the blue, but rather was found through a discussion at Reddit, started around 2 weeks ago by Fermin_Romero_Torres. The topic of the forum simply queries – “What author do you wish had lived longer, and what works do you wish they had finished/had more time to work on?”. Having lots of valuable information, I decided to harvest this reasonably long discussion and recreate it into an Infographic with many other additional information. Hope this will serve as a one-stop depository to get to know better of our good old authors who departed a bit too early.

Take note that this is a very long infographic, and plans are under way to cover more items under this topic. This infographic will serve as the introductory or brief historical info on all of these authors. Following this, more data will be posted covering free downloadable public domain ebooks by each of these authors. WDo stay with us, bookmark this page or our website and stay tuned for the upcoming updates. Enjoy the infographics below!

Warning! Long Infographic ahead

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(Infographic) 56 Authors That You Wish Had Lived Longer and Works They Could Have Finished

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  1. James

    This was an amazing post. I never knew what these writers died from until now. Thank you

  2. Susan Leader

    I wish that both Anne McCaffrey and Marion Zimmer Bradley could still be with us.

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