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Infinity plus One

Infinity plus One

Infinity plus One

by Sander R.B.E. Beals A.K.A. Andre S.E. Slabber

It may sound pedantic, but I figure Einstein could have written this if only he’d had the time. Infinity plus One is a handy 77 page research story, aimed at the ‘normal’ reader. Scientific jargon has been limited to the absolute minimum, but the story itself shows how the Grand Universal Theory may well be a Generic Underlying Tapestry of structure, which shows all to be connected. Add to that some more remarkable observations, and you have a story that might just change your view on Life…

The story is enhanced with images where useful, and uses numerous real life experiences to build a perception of reality which shows that a positive approach to life isn’t a self-reinforcing delusion, but instead a way of training your neural net to deliver that which matters.

Click on the link below to start downloading this free ebook:-
Infinity plus One – 77 pages, 6.6 MB (PDF)

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  1. Sander R.B.E. Beals

    These two, and their third sister who, completes the Trinity, are available on

    Have fun, kiddo’s!!

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