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Willow doesn’t believe in demons, but they believe in her. Yuri is trying to get home from a strange world, but home might be the most dangerous place for him right now. With magic mixing with the mundane and an assassin tracking them down, life is only going to get more complicated. If they work together, they might be able to make sense of it all and survive.


Even her footfalls on the marble floor did not make a sound. As long as she commanded it, no sound would come from her passage through these halls. Ciel’s mission was halfway done. The old Duke had been easy enough to kill. A whisper in the old man’s ear while he slept and it was all over. She had not even needed a whole song to do her deed.

Going after Duke Durya’s heir might give her the challenge she felt she so sorely needed at the moment. Yuri was a mystery. No one understood entirely why the Duke had picked someone with no standing at all to be his heir, but it was widely acknowledged that he was a talented young man. She hoped for a bit of a fight for the sake of her sense of honor but knew the job would be more expeditious without one.


by Bridgett Morigna (Online reading only) – 39 chapters

Inbetween by Bridgett Morigna